Simple Mutton Biryani

There is rarely a Biryani that is grander than one made with mutton. Generally – making a traditional biryani takes much time and effort like my recipe for Shakira’s Mutton Biryani which I had posted sometime ago.

This recipe is a much simpler, homier version made in my mother’s kitchen and it also absolutely delicious. Biryani is best made with pure ghee. You can substitute this recipe with chicken too in which case you need not precook the chicken as we do in this recipe.



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My mother’s friend Sweet Pasha serves a fabulous biryani! This recipe has been handed down from her royal background and has been perfected in her kitchen by her cooks Shakira and Govindamma.

This recipe makes a huge amount of biryani – enough to feed an army! Please do turn your calorie counters off because there is a lot of oil used – but its all well worth it to achieve the authentic taste of this Royal Hyderabadi dish.

You can half or third this recipe, when you make it at home. I love eating this with any kind of raita – try my recipe for a spinach raita.

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