There is nothing like eating a piping hot, fluffy puri.

We don’t make puris very often except for when we have certain ceremonies at home or when the kids demand it. My kids love it and can tuck away multiple puris with no problems. This summer I decided it was time for me to learn how to actually make puris myself. To my surprise and my kids delight I found it was actually quite easy!

Make sure the oil is really hot and that you don’t keep the puris in the oil for very long. Puris must be eaten hot and have to be made then and there. For the dough you can either knead it by hand or if you have a food processor, you could use a dough blade. Whilst kneading the dough, you do have to judge how much water to put in the dough by making sure the dough is not too wet and sticky and not too dry either.

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Potato Curry (Aloo Curry)

Aloo puri is a classic, comfort food in Indian homes. There are a zillion different ways of making it – each home has its own version of this dish.

I love these curried potatoes that we make in my mothers kitchen which really go well with hot, light puris.

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