Winging the Chicken Curry

Growing up in India, I was surrounded by some of the  best cooks ever! Maya was one of them. Everything she made tasted like magic melting in your mouth. This particular chicken curry she used to make  was my younger brother’s favorite. She used wings and other odd parts of the chicken that she would laboriously save over days. Well, he’s visiting this week and so Im trying to recreate that same recipe.

I’ve tried to make this dish with regular chicken thighs but it just doesn’t taste as good so Im using chicken wings for the curry. This recipe is a little involved but so worth it. You will need a few ingredients from your local Indian grocery store ( In NY there are many Patel Brothers stores).  My favorite part of this dish is the curry part – it is so tasty and I’m always tempted to make it with more curry but it just doesn’t taste as good. This dish does well as a slightly drier chicken curry.

Maya's Chhant Chicken Curry

Maya’s Chhant Chicken Curry

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