Cranberry Jelly Mold

I love cranberry jelly! I love the tart yet sweet flavors that are so perfectly juxtapositioned in this dish. I always have trouble getting my cranberry mold to set. Sometimes its too watery and sometimes too firm. Make sure you lightly oil the mould before pouring the jelly in so you have an easier time un-moulding it when its time to serve.




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Pumpkin Chiffon Pie

I really do not like pumpkin pie except for the one that I make for Thanksgiving every year.

I love this recipe. It has a really light texture to it unlike other pies that seem way too dense to me. Needless to say, these pies are always polished off when made at home (mostly by me of course!!)
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Thanksgiving is one of my most favorite meals of the year. 

I love every single aspect of it.  

It’s not just the food that is so amazing but the spirit of the day is wonderful.

It’s all about family and friends getting together and spending the day cooking, eating and being  together. 

Here in our home, we spend some of the simplest, happiest, most loving and wonderful moments together at Thanksgiving.

I am thankful to all who share this special time with us.

Here is some of the food we ate:

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The Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving is one of those great American holidays that I really love.

It has got to be one of my favorite meals to cook during the year.

There is something just so nice about this holiday…the food, the family, the getting together….

It just has a wonderful energy and something I really look forward to all year long.

Here are some of the things that were on our table this year.

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The Thanksgiving Meal

I think the Thanksgiving Meal is by far one of my favorite meals of the year. It’s more like an extravaganza than a meal!! I just love everything about Thanksgiving. It’s one of those holidays that is really all about the food and getting together with loved ones. It’s a lot of effort but I love that my mother-in-law and I work together and churn out quite a spectacular array of dishes. Our meal is pretty healthy and multicultural too! We always have international dishes as part our meal. Here are the pictures of our Thanksgiving table from this past year. I promise to post recipes as and when I can. The kids were responsible for dessert this year – they baked Pumpkin Patch cookies and decorated the pumpkin pies – both were a real hit!

The 22 lb Turkey

The 14lb Turkey

Oyster Stuffing

Mushroom Stuffing


Sweet Potato Pie ( a little burned!)

Cranberry Jelly

Avacado Egg Salad

Smoked salmon and Crab in Puff Pastry

Mushrooms stuffed with Crab

Arugala & Chicory Salad

Bitter Greens with Cannelini Beans


Green Beans

Mushrooms & Turnips in a Dashi Sauce

Two Kinds of Lotus Stem & Broccoli

Pickled Rutabaga

Pork Vindaloo

Pumpkin Pie decorated by the kids

Pumpkin Pie decorated by the kids

Pumpkin Patch Cookies - made by the kids

Pumpkin Patch Cookies - made by the kids