Malai Shrimp ( Curried Shrimp)

Here is a great recipe for a mild shrimp curry dish that has a wonderful creamy texture. The mild spices and coconut milk makes this dish taste like a crossover between something that could be Indian of Southeast Asian.

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Paella Mixta (Paella with Seafood and Meat)

Who doesn’t love Paella – Spain’s famous grilled rice dish? I’ve never really attempted making Paella at home until recently when we went to spend a weekend with friends in Connecticut. Our hosts made a simple seafood and chicken paella and I was sous-chef!

It turned out to be a really easy dish and a hit with all. You can use any ingredients that you like. I just made a chicken, chorizo and shrimp paella but you can add any seafood/ meat you wish to.

The recipe we used is adapted from Christine Gallary’s Grilled Paella Mixta on the CHOW website.

This recipe calls for cooking on a grill but I just did everything stove top.

DSC_7328 DSC_7325


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Neha Ryan’s Prawn Curry

This is an outstanding shrimp curry I tried this past summer. It’s a really easy recipe and works well with the tiny shrimps. Thanks Neha for sharing!



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Aunty Pen’s Stir Fried Chili Shrimp

Here is a really simple, Thai style stir fried chili shrimp dish from Aunty Pen’s recipe.


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Cilantro Fish/ Shrimp Curry

This Indian green curry used to be one of the go to dishes served by my mom in India whenever they were entertaining.

 This past summer, after many years, we resurrected this recipe and found that the love for it has passed onto the next generation with my daughter being a huge fan of it. Here is the recipe.



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Nisha Aunty’s Spicy Prawn Curry

My aunt Nisha is a fabulous cook. Every summer I spend in Chennai, India, I harass her to teach me more and more of her delicious recipes. Here is a really easy and yummy prawn curry she made for me this summer.


 DSC_0512 DSC_0508

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Sweet and Spicy Shrimp (General Tso’s Shrimp)

My mother-in-law Atsuko makes this shrimp dish, which is sort of a Japanese rendition of a General Tso’s recipe. You can substitute the shrimp with chicken or any vegetable too.


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