Beet and Asparagus Rice

Here is a beautiful looking and tasting rice dish that uses the plethora of beets that I get in my winter CSA organic box. This dish can be eaten by itself or served alongside pretty much anything. I love the vibrancy of colors and flavors. Click here to print recipe.

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Scallion and Egg Fried Rice

There’s nothing that spells comfort more than a fried rice with huge hunks of egg in it! When we were growing up – we always asked for “extra egg” in our rice – in fact we still do. Here is my quick recipe for a scallion and egg fried rice. Click here to print recipe.

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One Pot Mushroom Rice

This is a wonderful one pot dish. It can be a meal in itself served with a green salad or a great side to complement other dishes. I used crimini mushrooms but you can use any of your favorites and can even combine a few varieties. Shiitake tends to cook down a lot so if you are using them just increase the quantity. The recipe calls for broth – either veg or chicken, which gives it more depth but you can always use water too. I had some chives on hand to garnish with but you can add herbs such as parsley, cilantro or scallions instead. I love eating this rice with some fried onions and chili flakes.

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Veggie Fried Rice w/ Egg

I am doing a lot of kitchen sink cooking these days and a fried rice is one of those perfect ways to do away with a lot of leftovers ingredients. Feel free to substitute with any vegetable you have on hand. I added eggs to this fried rice but you can keep it completely vegetarian if you wish or add meats like diced ham, chicken etc to it too.

I sometimes put a spicy sauce in my fried rice as I have done in this recipe. I used sambal olek but you can use anything from chili oil to sriracha.

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Simple Mutton Biryani

There is rarely a Biryani that is grander than one made with mutton. Generally – making a traditional biryani takes much time and effort like my recipe for Shakira’s Mutton Biryani which I had posted sometime ago.

This recipe is a much simpler, homier version made in my mother’s kitchen and it also absolutely delicious. Biryani is best made with pure ghee. You can substitute this recipe with chicken too in which case you need not precook the chicken as we do in this recipe.



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Surinder’s Quick Chicken Biryani

There’s really nothing quite like biryani to hit the spot especially on a lazy Sunday afternoon. In my mothers house we generally eat biryani on the weekends.

Her cook Surinder (the great shortcut chef) makes a great quick biryani. Though it still is involved – it’s much easier than spending half a day on the dish and it tastes pretty darned good. Here is his recipe.


YOZ_8985 YOZ_8976 

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