Shanti’s Rasam

Rasam is a thin, spicy southern Indian soup which is really delicious. It is really healthy, easy to make and one of those soul satisfying dishes!

 Here is Shanti’s recipe for a great rasam



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Channa Masala ( Chickpea Masala)

 There are so many wonderful ways to eat chickpeas. This is a super recipe from my mother’s kitchen, which can be eaten with anything like bread, puris, rice or tikkis.


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Maya’s Rajma ( Curried Red Kidney Beans)

My Maya used to make the best Indian food ever!

I learned all my cooking basics from her. I would spend every summer vacation, during my undergrad years, in the kitchen with her learning anything she could teach me so I could eat “real food” whilst away in college in the US.

Rajma,  made with red kidney beans, is a classic comfort food in any Punjabi home. There is nothing like eating rajma-chawal ( rajma and rice).

Here is the way that Maya used to make her Rajma.

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Mungodi Curry (Lentil Fritter Curry)

 Mungodi is a delicious curry that is made with day-old daal pakodas (lentil fritters).


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Green Mung Daal ( Green Mung Lentils)

I love lentils!

In India we eat some kind of lentils every single day. Here is a great recipe using whole green mung lentils which is really easy to make and healthy. You can eat these with rice or drink it as a wholesome soup!


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Hara Bhara Kabab (Spinach and Lentil Kababs)

Literally translated Hara Bhara Kabab means green stuffed kabab. This is a wonderful vegetarian version of the shammi kabab made with spinach and lentils, this makes for a really wholesome, healthy snack.


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Bulgur and Lentil Salad with Parsley


I love the combination of bulgur and lentils! One of my favorite dishes is Mujadara (to be blogged as soon as my friend Rula gives me the recipe!)

In the meanwhile here is a really healthy and delicious salad recipe that I find myself making a lot of lately.


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