Pan Fried Chicken Tenders

This might be one of my favorite ways to cook chicken tenders. It’s quick, crispy, delicious and doesn’t require deep frying. Sit them on large platter of anything – I used salad greens and roasted tomatoes but you can do sautéed veggies, rice, baked fries and so on. This chicken goes really well with a spicy hot sauce.

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Keema with Kale & Spinach

Keema is one of those classic Indian comfort foods. It is usually made with ground mutton (goat) but I use ground dark meat chicken or beef. Keema is traditionally cooked with green peas but I added spinach and kale to mine as I find the greens add a nice softness to the texture of the ground meat – it’s also what I had in my fridge!  I add a lot of greens to this dish – more than what the recipe calls for here but you can adjust that to your preference. This dish must be eaten with rice! 

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Chicken Kathi Rolls

There are many different kinds of Kathi rolls and ways I make them but these are the ones that we grew up eating in my mother’s kitchen in India . The chicken filling recipe is really easy and tastes better if you marinate it overnight or for a few hours at least. 

For the roti (wrap) part you can make your own (which I never do) or use any ready made medium sized tortillas or rotis.  You can choose to add the egg or skip it but let me tell you that my favorite kathis are always the ones where the egg on the roti is doubled!

This recipe has multiple steps to it but is actually quite easy. 

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Chicken Drumstick Curry

Making a curry from scratch takes time and effort but it is so worth it! 

I usually use chicken thighs for my curries but I found a packet of chicken drumsticks in my freezer and decided to use it. The results were delicious – the drumsticks gave the curry beautiful depth of flavor. You can substitute the chicken for other ingredients such as shrimp, paneer, pork etc.

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A Simple Chicken Curry

Often people are under the misnomer that “curry” is a spice that is often used in making all the delicious gravies and curries that abound in Indian food. However, a curry comprises of several ingredients and spices that are cooked together to actually create the final product.

There is a place for “curry powder” in certain kinds of Indian cooking but for most part – any curry that is created involves time and the culmination of several different elements.

Here is a recipe for a simple chicken curry.


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Surinder’s Quick Chicken Biryani

There’s really nothing quite like biryani to hit the spot especially on a lazy Sunday afternoon. In my mothers house we generally eat biryani on the weekends.

Her cook Surinder (the great shortcut chef) makes a great quick biryani. Though it still is involved – it’s much easier than spending half a day on the dish and it tastes pretty darned good. Here is his recipe.


YOZ_8985 YOZ_8976 

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Surinder’s Chicken Sukha

Here is a great recipe for a dry chicken curry – called “chicken sukha”. The texture of this curry is wonderful and it goes really well with rice or rotis.

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Mutton Cutlets

Mutton cutlets are a really popular dish in India. The meat can be substituted by anything from chicken to beef. Here is a super easy recipe for yummy cutlets from my mother’s kitchen.



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Chicken Curry with Yogurt (Dahi Chicken)

 Making curry could not be easier than this!

This simple recipe uses yogurt which really gives the gravy body and flavor.


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Mulligatawny Soup

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