About the Restaurant Fairy ™

The Restaurant Fairy’s Kitchen™ was born out of an immense passion for food.

Malini Sood Horiuchi was born and raised in the vibrancy and warmth of India. She is a lifelong foodie who loves to cook and explore the world of food.

She has always been surrounded by the most amazing cooks – her mother, her mother in law, her aunts, her Maya and her dear foodie friends (and especially their moms) from all over the world who have taught her so much.

Malini now lives in New York City, which is one of the premier culinary capitals of the world. It is in this gastronomic playground that Malini experiments with all kinds of different cuisines.

Malini delights in critiquing different restaurants she visits in New York City and all over the world. She takes equal pleasure in trying out new recipes and cooking for her family and friends, who add so much color to her life.

35 thoughts on “About the Restaurant Fairy ™

  1. I am so so happy looking at this Malu. You cannot imagine how proud I am looking at this. I have tears in my eyes. You the best just like all your recipes.

    Lot’s of Love

  2. Those candyland cakes look so fantastic. you make it look easy. im going to try it, during the kids break from school.
    thanks for the idea,
    Audra Dewalters

  3. Hey Malini!

    Love the site! My mouth is watering just reading the recipes and
    looking at the photos. And I like the layout, too. You’ll have to
    tell me how you do it. I’ll have to try the salmon with miso recipe.
    Looks like something that even I might be able to make…
    Two suggestions though… First, where is your butter chicken recipe?
    And second,

    I don’t see any recipes using the ingredient, “Death warmed over”!
    What’s up with that?


    • Hey Jun
      death warmed over is just for you – cant share that “secret family recipe”!!
      Butter chicken – I haven’t made it well i think since you were in town last so…..come back quickly so I can make it and post it!!!

  4. Hi, doll – I can remember you telling me about this some years ago – and here you are – you have put it together. The site looks awesome, and I am sure the recipes are terrific too. I can’t wait to see you soon so you can cook for me. Love you. Kisses, Alley.

  5. Hi there Malini:

    How are you doing? Trust alls well. I like your Blog site. Trust the kids are well. Any plans of going to the Hamp Camp Reunion this Year?

    Who else are you in touch with from Mod 76? Are you in touch with Jeff Joy? I spoke to him just yesterday.

    Trust alls well otherwise.

    Thanks for your mail address and I’ll talk to you soon,

    Best Wishes,

    A distant friend – Ahmad aka The “Homefly” [remember that?]

  6. Aloha Malini! Your blog is fabulous and I printed out a bunch of recipes. I think of you everytime I made chicken or veggie curry, like you taught me. I look forward to seeing more posting.

    • thx so much – what fun we had cooking together at hampshire! You can subscribe to the site and get weekly emails if you would like!!

  7. Looking for an okra recipe I merely stumbled across your blog, Ms Horiuchi. I’m a mature accomplished home cook whose family had owned restaurants. I’ve seen lots of food blogs . But not many food bloggers’ recipes seems as interesting -and made with a thought towards easy preparation- as yours. Your recipes are well organised and attractively presented.

    Thank you for going to the trouble to share your family recipes with people like me you don’t even know, Ms Horiuchi. You make the world better. *big smile*

    • Thank You so much. You really made my day! It so great when I hear that people really are using my recipes!

  8. Hey! I just stumbled across your blog while looking for Himachali food recipes and I am so happy I did. Ours is a region so under-represented on the internet so, add a lot more of them.

  9. I too stumbled across you site. Thanks very much for sharing the pahari recipes. They bring back wonderful childhood memories. Can’t wait to make palda:). Thanks

  10. Just stumbled upon your blog while searching for palda & madra recipes. So proud of you fellow Sood and himachali. Good luck 🙂

  11. Hi, I was so please to see you post on Pinterest with your Maldivian recipes that you learned however I could only see pictures and no recipes. They were from Aug 2012. How can I find these please? Thank you

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