Beet & Kale Raita

Here is a gorgeous twist on a traditional raita. I had made a spicy rice and needed something to go with it. I found some pureed beets in my fridge and decided to experiment with them. The results were really delicious! Beets take quite a long time to cook – make sure when you are boiling them that they are cooked through. The next time around I might just boil and grate them versus pureeing for more texture. 

I added ingredients I had lying around ( I have a lot of kale thanks to my farmer freind Peter) but you can substitute it with spinach or any leafy green. I also decided to top it with some lightly toasted nuts and hemp seeds last minute and it made such a difference to the taste. Use any nuts you have – if they are larger nuts like almond or walnuts – chop them down.

Beet & Kale Raita

Serves 2


2 cups yogurt

1 cup milk

1 cup kale, parboiled and chopped fine

2 beets, boiled and pureed

4 tbsp fresh mint, chopped fine or 1 tbsp dried mint

1 tbsp lemon juice

1 tsp cumin powder, lightly roasted on stovetop to release flavor

1/2 tsp chili powder (optional)

2 tbsp hemp seeds , lightly toasted 

A handful of pinenuts, lightly toasted

Salt to taste



  • In a wide bowl, add yogurt, milk, mint, lemon juice, cumin powder, chili, salt to taste and whisk to make a smooth mixture.
  • Add pureed beets and kale and whisk some more till everything is well combined.
  • Taste to adjust seasonings and flavors. 
  • Top with toasted nuts, seeds and a little mint.

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