Mushroom and Asparagus Pasta

This is one of my go to, simple pasta recipes. It is adapted from my friend Maria Paniccia’s recipe who is one of the most unbelievable Italian cooks ever. You can pick any kind of pasta you like and can make the mushroom and asparagus mixture ahead of time. I usually triple this recipe and make a whopping big batch of it and keep it in the fridge for a day or two and use when needed.

Asparagus and Mushroom Pasta

Serves 2


9-10 cloves of garlic, rough chopped 

10-12 stalks of chopped asparagus into 1” segments 

10 – 15 shitake or any mushroom sliced (king oyster mushrooms work very well too)

3 small plum tomatoes, chopped or 10-12 grape tomatoes halved

Salt, pepper and red chili flakes

Extra virgin olive oil

Shaved Parmesan cheese (opt)

Pasta of choice ( boil and keep aside)



  • Heat about 5 tablespoons of olive oil on medium heat.
  • Add the garlic.
  • Sauté for a few minutes till the garlic softens and starts to turn translucent.
  • Add the sliced mushroom.
  • Sauté until the mushrooms soften.
  • Saute until the liquid dries.
  • Add the chopped tomatoes.
  • Cover and cook for about 5 minutes.
  • Add the asparagus and cook until it softens – you have to overcook it slightly (about 10 – 15 minutes)
  • When all these veggies come together add the cooked pasta.
  • Mix it all very well
  • Add salt, pepper and red chili flakes to taste.
  • Pour a few teaspoons of olive oil on top and serve immediately.
  • Garnish with shaved Parmesan cheese.


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