Aunty Pen’s Stir Fried Chili Shrimp

Here is a really simple, Thai style stir fried chili shrimp dish from Aunty Pen’s recipe.


Aunty Pen’s Stir Fried Chili Shrimp

 2 lbs medium shrimp, de-shelled and cleanedPrint This Recipe

2 tbsp. Thai shrimp paste

1 tbsp. fish sauce


Grind Together:

1 bunch coriander/ cilantro root (if unavailable just use ¼ bunch cilantro leaves)

1 tbsp. black peppercorns

5-6 cloves garlic


• Heat 3 tbsp. oil.

• Add 2 tbsp. of shrimp paste.

• Add the fish sauce.

• Add the ground spice mixture.

• Add the shrimp.

• Stir fry it well until the shrimp is just cooked through.

• Serve hot with rice.

DSC_4218 DSC_4222 DSC_4227 DSC_4230 DSC_4232

7 thoughts on “Aunty Pen’s Stir Fried Chili Shrimp

  1. Food fairy how does one get shrimp paste in chennai to make aunty pens recipe can u ask aunty pen pleeeeeeeeeeese .
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