Aunty Penn’s Minced Pork Toast

I went back to visit Bangkok, a city I love, this past summer after many years.

One of my very favorite things to do in Bangkok is spend an evening in our good friend Varong’s home where his amazing Aunty Pen does a cooking demo for me (and then of course we get to eat all the wonderful food).


 Aunty Penn is an amazing cook and I have learned so many of her wonderful recipes during my visits to Thailand. Click here to see some of her earlier recipes I posted.

Here was a really quick and tasty appetizer that Aunty Penn made for us. It’s a fried minced pork toast, which is really easy to make. You can substitute the minced pork with minced chicken, beef or shrimp.

DSC_4178 DSC_4152


Minced Pork Toast

Serves 6

Cooking Time: 25 minutes


1 lb ground pork

2 eggs

1 tbsp. fish sauce

Firm sliced white bread

Oil to fry


Grind Together:

1 bunch coriander/ cilantro root (if unavailable just use ¼ bunch cilantro leaves)

1 tbsp. black peppercorns

5-6 cloves garlic



 • Heat oil in a wok.

• Mix the ground pork, eggs, fish sauce and ground mixture in a small bowl until well combined.

 • Slather this mixture onto one side of sliced bread.

 • When the oil is hot, add a few slices of bread at a time and fry (meat side down).

 • Half way through flip the brad over and cook until golden brown and the meat is cooked through.

• Remove excess oil, cut into squares and serve hot with Thai chili sauce.

DSC_4146 DSC_4148DSC_4158
DSC_4161 DSC_4175

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