Munni Bua’s Gol Guppas with Khaccha Aam ka Pani (Raw Mango Water)

My Bua makes amazing golguppas which is one my favorite Indian street foods. Having been born in Kolkatta I was very spoiled by the very best golguppas, which were available on every street corner. There is nothing like standing in front of a golguppawala, holding a tiny bowl made out of dried leaves in your hands and having him dole out these fiery little missives, one by one, until you tell him to stop.

I like my golguppa pani (water) spicy and sour. If you would like to make it sweeter just add a few teaspoons of tamarind chutney to temper the flavors.

Here is my Bua’s recipe…


Munni Bua’s Gol Guppas with Khaccha Aam ka Pani (Raw Mango Water)

Serves 6


1 cup packed mint leaves, washed and stems removed

½ cup cilantro

6-7 green chilies (to taste)

1 tbsp. cumin seeds (jeera)

1 ½ tbsp. ginger

2 small raw mangos

2 ½ tbsp. jal jeera powder

1 tbsp. ground roasted cumin seeds (bhuna jeera)

2 -3 tbs. cilantro, chopped

2 tsp. Kala namak (black salt)

Regular salt to taste


• Cut the raw mango in halves or thirds and boil in about 2 cups of water until soft (about 15 – 20 minutes).

• Reserve the water that the mango has been boiled in and remove the pulp from the raw mango. Discard the skin.

• Mix the pulp and the water and blend together until well mixed.

• Add 10 cubes of ice to this water and set aside.

• Grind the mint, cilantro, chilies, ginger and cumin with a little water till smooth.

• Mix the ground chutney and mango water.

• Add 2 ½ tbsp. of jal jeera powder, kala namak and regular salt to taste.

• Add 5 cups of cold water to this mixture.

• Add 1 tbsp. of ground cumin seeds and mix well.

• Adjust for seasonings and taste.

• Add chopped cilantro.

• Refrigerate for a few hours or overnight and eat with golpuppas (available at any Indian grocery store) and potato-chickpea filling.



2 thoughts on “Munni Bua’s Gol Guppas with Khaccha Aam ka Pani (Raw Mango Water)

    • Hi, Just boil potatoes and chickpeas. Mix them together with a little salt ( black salt better), 1/2 tsp of roasted cumin powder and chili if you like. Mix it well with your hand – mash it down a little and use as filling

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