Pav Bhaji

Pav bhaji translates to bread eaten with cooked vegetables. This is a very popular Indian street food which is beyond delicious. There is nothing that spells home than a hot buttered pav slathered with some spicy bhaji. I like to top mine with finely chopped onions, lime juice and green chilies.


Pav Bhaji

Serves 8


5 tbsp. of garlic and ginger, ground

2 bunches scallions, chopped

2 green peppers, chopped

5 tbsp. butter

6 small plum tomatoes

6 tbsp. pav bhaji masala (either MDH or Everest brand)

2 – 3 medium potatoes, boiled and chopped

1 cauliflower, chopped

3 cups green beans, chopped

3 cups carrots, chopped

1 bunch cilantro, chopped

Pav bread (any kind of bread or rolls will work)


• Heat 2 tbsp. oil in a cooking pot.

• Add the garlic and ginger paste and the chopped scallions.

• Add 3 tbsp. of butter and the chopped green peppers.

• Mix well and cook for about 15 minutes.

• Add chopped tomatoes.

• Cover and cook for about 25 minutes.

• Add 5-6 tbsp. pav bhaji masala and mix well.

• Add ½ cup of hot water and then add the cooked vegetables.

• Mix well and cook covered for about 25 minutes.

• Add the potato and cook for about 15 minutes more.

• Add salt to taste and garnish with scallions and cilantro and serve with hot buttered pav bread.


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