The Cuisine of the Maldives: Maldivian Food


There really is paradise on Earth and it is in the Maldives.

This little island nation in the middle of the Indian Ocean is a true geological wonder. With is breathtaking clear waters, unbelievable reefs and sea life, powder white sand beaches and lush tropical groves – what the Maldives offers to visitors is unparalleled.

For me, what added to the magic of my visit was the wonderful cuisine that they have. Traditional Maldivian cuisine offers a wonderful variety of foods ranging from crunchy finger food to complex curries. Tuna is a huge part of Maldivian food as is coconut.

I was lucky enough to befriend and learn from two wonderful chefs at our resort at Six Senses in the Laamu Atoll.

Thank you Chef Ansari and Chef Yusuf for the warmth of your hospitality and the passion with which you taught me your craft.

Here are some Maldivian dishes I learned to make (recipes to follow).



Roshi with Coconut (Chapatti)


Fish Cutlet from the Maldives

Haldi Chili ka Macchi (fusion)


Barabo Mas Huni


Tuna Mas Huni




Maldivian Reef Fish Curry


Maldivian Chicken Curry


Maldivian Vegetable Curry


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