Silly Science Party Cake

My daughter wanted to do a silly science party for her 10th birthday. This might have been one of the easiest cakes I ever made!! I just bought a little science kit from the toy store, scattered the cake with candy that looked like crystals and rocks and put some dry ice to make smoke and viola……my cake was done.



Silly Science Party Cake

Serves 25 kids


1 baked rectangular sheet cake (any recipe you like or use my vanilla cake recipe)

3 cups light blue colored frosting (use any recipe you like)

1 cup white frosting to write with

Quattro Sour Power Belts

Crystal rock candy

Colorful candy lke M&M etc

3 test tubes

2 small cups

Dry ice


• Cover the baked rectangular sheet cake with the light blue frosting.

• Place the sour power candy belt around the base of the cake.

• Place the 3 test tubes filled with colorful candy on the cake at an angle as shown on cake.

• Scatter the crystal rock candy around the cake.

• Place 2 cups with dry ice on two opposite ends of the cake.

• Place candles on cake.

• Pour water on dry ice when you are ready to serve cake as it will then create the smoky effect.


2 thoughts on “Silly Science Party Cake

  1. HI Malini, This looks great! I was wondering though if you had any good recipies for a mango cake? Would love to try one. Do let me know.

    Z xx

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