Jungle Themed Birthday Party Cake

My friend’s daughter wanted a jungle themed birthday party and my gift to her every year is her birthday cake. Here is what I came up with.


Jungle Party Cake

Serves 25 – 30 kids



1 baked rectangular sheet cake (any recipe you like or use my vanilla cake recipe)

1 round cake 6” baked

2 baked cupcakes

3 cups light green colored frosting (use any recipe you like)

2 cups dark green colored frosting

1 cup blue colored frosting

Any decorative sugar flowers or beads to decorate cake with

Handful of jellybeans


A few small toy animals and tree to decorate cake with.



• Cover the baked rectangular sheet cake with the light green frosting.


• Place the 6” round cake on the back, left-hand corner of the cake and cover it with frosting.


• Stack two cupcakes on top of this and cover it with frosting.


• Using the blue frosting, create a tiny water fall and water pool using a small spatula.


• Line the edges of the water with jellybeans.


• Using the dark green frosting, decorate cake using a star Wilton tip to make the foliage of the jungle on the base and around the cake.


• Place the tree and the alligator on the cake.


• Place other animals all around the cake.


• Scatter sugar flowers around the cake to decorate.


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