Pumpkin Chiffon Pie

I really do not like pumpkin pie except for the one that I make for Thanksgiving every year.

I love this recipe. It has a really light texture to it unlike other pies that seem way too dense to me. Needless to say, these pies are always polished off when made at home (mostly by me of course!!)

Pumpkin Chiffon Pie

 Serves 6


1 Envelope Knox unflavored gelatin

¾ cup firmly packed dark brown sugar

½ teaspoon salt

½ teaspoon nutmeg

1 teaspoon cinnamon

½ cup milk

¼ cup water

3 eggs separated

1½ cup canned pumpkin

¼ cup sugar

9 inch baked pie shell (you can buy the ready made graham cracker ones or make your own)

Whipped cream to decorate


• Mix gelatin, brown sugar, salt and spices thoroughly in a saucepan.

• Stir in milk, water egg yolk and pumpkin and mix well.

• Cook over medium heat stirring constantly until gelatin is dissolved and mixture in heated (about 10 minutes).

• Remove from heat and chill stirring occasionally until mixture becomes mounds slightly when dropped from spoon.

• Beat egg whites until stiff  and beat in the sugar.

• Fold into pumpkin mixture.

• Put it into baked pie shell and chill until firm. 

• Decorate using whipped cream.


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