Tangled Rapunzel Birthday Party Cake

Here is a really easy to make “Tangled” themed cake that I made for my friend’s daughter’s birthday. The cake was really simple in its design but I dressed it up by placing cupcakes with other characters from the movie all around the main cake.


Tangled Rapunzel Cake

Serves 25 – 30 kids


14” round cake baked (using any recipe or try my golden cake recipe)

I small cake baked in a Bundt Aluminum Rose Pan (you can use any shape pan to make a pedestal)

4 baked cupcakes, frosted in different colors

3 cups yellow colored frosting (use any recipe you like)

1 cup green colored frosting

1 cup pink colored frosting

Any decorative ribbon to cover the base of the cake

Any decorative sugar flowers or beads to decorate cake with


Confectioner’s sugar

One set of characters from Tangled


• Cover the 14” round cake with the yellow frosting.

• Place a decorative ribbon around the base of the 14” round cake.

• Set the small, rose shaped Bundt toward the back/ middle of cake.

• Using the green frosting, decorate a design using a star shaped Wilton tip around the base of the Bundt cake.

• Dust the rose shaped Bundt cake with confectioner’s sugar.

• Place the cupcake on top of the rose shaped Bundt cake and smother it with the pink frosting.

• Place the Rapunzel figure on top of this.

• Place the remaining three cupcakes around the cake and place other characters on them.

• Decorate the cake and cupcakes using sprinkles and other sugar decorations.


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