Marie Biscuit Rum Pudding

This recipe is legendary! It is probably the most requested dessert by my friends in Chennai city. The minute I come home to visit, my mom makes several logs of it and puts them in the freezer only to see them fly out by the minute. She has to make several batches each summer.

This Chocolate Marie Biscuit Rum Pudding is decadent beyond belief but unbelievably delicious. You can always adjust the rum to taste but most of my pals really love the extra kick they get from the alcohol in the dessert.

Marie Biscuit Rum Pudding

Serves 6


300 grams / or 1 ½ cups) white sugar

300 grams / or 1 ½ cups) marie biscuits, broken into bits

300 grams / or 1 ½ cups) butter – yellow and salted

300 grams / or 1 ½ cups) cashew nuts, chopped into bits

150 grams / or cocoa

6 teaspoons vanilla essence

3 eggs

½ cup rum or to taste (I use Bacardi)


• Beat the butter and sugar together until well combined.

• Add the eggs and vanilla essence and beat a little more.

• Add the cocoa and rum and mix well.

• Add in the chopped cashewnuts and marie biscuits and mix using your hands until well combined.

• Take a piece of foil and form a log about 5-6” long and 2” wide.

• Wrap the log with foil and place in freeer.

• Freeze overnight, cut and serve when the log has hardened.

14 thoughts on “Marie Biscuit Rum Pudding

  1. Malini, Tarsha made this for us when we went over for lunch last week. It was really good. Even Jim, who doesn’t have a sweet tooth, really liked it!

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