Cinderella Cake

Princess Alya was turning 4 and with all the girls growing faster than weeds, this is probably one of the last princess cakes Ill get to make for some time now.

I did make a Cinderella cake a few years ago for my daughters birthday. Here is a new and improved version.

Please do notice the hairstyling done on the Cinderella doll which was done by my elder daughter and all decoration the on the dress were also done by both my children.

So this is a really fun cake where you can have the kids help.

I got most of my embellishments for the cake from Party City. I just wandered down the wedding aisle and picked these pretty little white flowers for the dress and two garters (yes they are garters) for the bottom the dress.

It sure beats the heck out of trying the create all of these effects using frosting.

You can use anything you have lying around at home to dress up the cake – I usually use ribbons, colored candies and so on.


Serves 25 – 30


1 round 14″ cake (use any recipe or a box mix)

1 dome shaped cake baked using Wiltons Wonder Mold Kit

1 Cinderella doll or blonde doll pick

4-5 cups of frosting tinted light blue (homemade or store bought)

10-15 small white flowers

White chocolate coevred candies (used as beads on dress)

2 lacy garters – use anything you would instead – ribbons work really well

Wilton tips #3 and  star tip #21


  • Place the 14″ round cake on a cake board and frost it with the blue frosting.
  • Place the dome shaped cake on top of the 14″ cake, in the middle.
  • Frost the dome shaped cake blue.
  • Stick the doll in on top of the dome shaped cake. Make sure it is secure – you can use a little frosting undeneath. If using a real doll you will have to remove the legs to make it fit.
  • Using a Wilton star tip#21, make the blouse part of the dress, front and back.
  • Stick the little white flowers all over the dress, interspersed with the white candy beads.
  • Decorate the bottom of the dress with the lacey garters.
  • Intersperse some of the candy white beads on the sides of the base 14″ round cake.
  • Hang a little happy birthday sign from the dolls hands.

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