Tinkerbell Cake

My daughter wanted a Tinkerbell theme for her 6th birthday. Here is the cake that I made for her.


Serves 45-50

1 cake made using the Wilton Flower cake pan

1 cake made using the Wilton 8″ round cake pan

1 cake made using the Wilton 12 ” round cake pan

1 cake made using the Wilton Mini Wonder Mold pan

5 cups of frosting colored neon  green ( use any recipe)

1 cup frosting colored purple ( or any color you choose to write with on cake)

1 set of Disney Fairy figurines ( available at Target etc…)

1 Tinkerbell doll cake topper of your choice ( available at Target etc…)

1 packet Tinkerbell confetti (available at Party city)

4-5 brown or white mushrooms ( cleaned)

5-6 Oreo cookies crushed

Any beautiful 1/2 inch ribbon to decorate cake with ( available at any craft store…)


  • Using your favorite cake recipe, make the above listed cakes and cool completely.

  • Place the flower shaped cake on your cake base and cover it with the green frosting.
  • Then place the 12″ round  cake on top, and frost it
  • Then place the 8″ round  cake on top and frost it.
  • Cut the ribbon to fit the bottoms of the three layers of the cake and decorate the cake with the ribbon as shown.

  • Place the top layer of the cake ( you can use a cupcake or a tiny cake made from the Wilton Wonder Mold Pan).
  • Frost it with the green frosting and place the Tinkerbell doll on top.

  • Place the Disney Fairy dolls around the cake (as you wish)
  • Scatter a few mushrooms around the cake to give it a woodsy feel.
  • Sprinkle some of the ground Oreos on top of and around the mushrooms to make it look like dirt.

  • Use the Tinkerbell confetti to decorate around the cake and the cake base.
  • Write Happy Birthday on the cake base and sprinkle some “dirt” on top of the writing.
  • Enjoy the beautiful Tinkerbell cake.

7 thoughts on “Tinkerbell Cake

  1. That is fabulous! Boy, you put the cakes I’ve made for my girls to shame. If your daughter is a big Tinkerbell fan, she’s probably a big fan of the Disney fairies as well, because Tink is part of the fairies. Did you know a Disney Fairies graphic novel is coming out next week? It’s the first time the fairies have apepared in graphic novels — your daughter will probably love it.

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