Batman Cake

I’ll never forget my 5 year old nephew, Shiv’s reaction to this Batman Cake that I made for him last summer. He saw the cake and looked at me with his big brown eyes and said, ” This is exactly the cake that I had thought of making for my birthday in my house in Delhi!!”

So cute – oh boy,  I sure am thrilled that I got it right!!!

Batman Cake


One 9X13 rectangular sheet cake (made from your favorite recipe)

3 cups of white frosting (made from your favorite recipe)

Batman themed confetti (available at any party store)

A few rectangular pieces of thick cardboard or plastic sheets in varied sizes to make buildings (as shown in picture)

A Batman candle and a 5 candle

A Batman on a motorbike small plastic toy ( you can use anything you have)

Some yellow tissue paper

2 thin wooden skewers


  • Take one of the oval shaped batman confetti pieces and stick two of the skewers to its back as shown.

  • Cover the skewer part with yellow tissue paper so that it looks like a beam of light with the Bat signal (placed behind the building).
  • Set aside till glue is dry and ready to be used.
  • Color the rectangular pieces in black and yellow – to make it look like buildings with windows and let it dry out.
  • Divide the frosting into three colors – grey, yellow and black.
  • Frost the rectangular sheet cake with the grey frosting.
  • Place the little bat signal confetti pieces in the front of the cake.

  • Place 3 buildings in the center, towards the back of the cake.
  • Stick the “beam of light with the Bat signal” at an angle behind the rightmost building.
  • Using the black and yellow frosting, create a road on the left hand side of the cake.

  • Place the Batman on the motorbike on the road.

  • Place the Batman and 5 candles on the right hand side of the cake.
  • Using any wilton tip, make ovals with the yellow frosting all over the cake base and cake.
  • Then take the bat signal confetti and place them on top of yellow oval frosting.

  • Write “Happy Birthday” in yellow frosting.

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