Baby Ariel Cake

Here is a little mermaid cake that I made for my friend’s daughter. She wanted an Ariel cake and I couldn’t for the life of me find a big Ariel doll to use on the cake- so I used a mini version. I thought it turned out pretty great with the baby Ariel doll.


Ariel Cake

1 cake made from a Wilton 14 inch round cake pan

1 cake made from a Wilton 9 x 3 in. decorator preferred contour pan

5 cups of blue  frosting

1 packet of multicolored swedish gummy fish or you could even use rainbow goldfish crackers

Ariel character cake topper/ doll etc (use your creative license)

Crushed nilla wafers (you can use any of your favorite cookies to create the effect of sand)

Pink sugar crystals

Multicolored gumdrops


  • Place the 14″ round cake on a cake board.
  • Frost the 14″  round cake with blue frosting.
  • Place the 9″ round cake on top of the 14″ cake.
  • Make sure that the 9″ cake is placed in the rear center of the 14″cake.
  • Then frost the 9″ round contoured  cake with the blue frosting.
  • Scatter some of the sand ( crushed nilla wafers) on both sides of the cake.
  • Decorate both layers of the cake with the gummy fish and the colored gumdrops.
  • Place your cake topper/Ariel doll on the top of the cake.


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