Artist’s Palette Cake

My friend wanted to do an art themed birthday party for her daughter and so I made made an Artist’s Palette Cake for her. I got the idea from the family fun website which has many cool cake ideas. It was really quite easy to do and turned out really cute!


Artists Palette Cake

Artist’s Palette Cake

One 9X13 rectangular cake made with your favorite recipe

2 cups of white frosting made with your favorite recipe

1/3 cup of green, red, yellow, blue and purple frosting (you can pick any colors you like).

A small thin paintbrush

Crayon shaped candles

  • Cut the sides of the rectangular cake into the shape of an art palette.
  • Using a round cookie cutter, make a thumbhole in the palette.
  • Frost the entire cake with the white frosting including the insides of the thumbhole.
  • Fill piping bags with the different colored frosting.
  • Make circles of each color to look like dabs of paint on the palette.
  • Place the paintbrush on the side of the palette.
  • Put the candles all around the cake.
Artists Palette Cake

Artists Palette Cake

2 thoughts on “Artist’s Palette Cake

  1. I like all the little details that have gone into the cake….the crayon candles,the painting brush and the birthday girl’s name written with a brush stroke. Piece of art-Malini.

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