Pajama Party Cake

This is a cake that I made for a Pajama Party themed birthday for my friend Sonu’s daughter

Pajama Party Cake

Pajama Party Cake

Pajama Party/ Sleepover Party Cake

Serves 15Print This Recipe


One 9X13 cake ( use your favorite recipe)

Light and dark pink frosting ( any recipe you like or store bought)

Stelle Doro oblong cookies for the bodies – you can substitute with something similar or even use Twinkies

Nilla wafers for faces – you can use just frosting or substitute with similar round cookies

Colored sprinkles or any decorations you choose to decorate the cake with



  •  I frosted the entire cake with dark pink frosting.
  • I put down 4 of the oblong cookies ( bodies) in the middle bottom half of the cake.
  • I put more of the dark pink frosting on top of the “bodies” and smoothed it out so it looked like a blanket.
  • I placed one face ( Nilla wafer) on top of each body.
  • I used a Wilton tip filled with light pink frosting to make the edges of the “blanket”.
  • I used different colored premade gels and frosting to make the hair and mouths on the faces.
  • I used a thin black marker to make the eyes and the nose.
  • I then used the colored sugar dots and sprinkles to finish off the cake.
Pajama Party Cake

Pajama Party Cake

Pajama Party Cake

Pajama Party Cake

8 thoughts on “Pajama Party Cake

    • Thanks Anu……baking for kids is really so much more fun than baking for anyone else!!!
      and s for moving back… and your sister have it all planned out for me – one on face-book and one here:)

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