Climate Change And Global Warming: How Activists Can Make A Difference In Their Community

I dont usually do guest posts but this is an issue that affects all of us and the food  we eat, so I am sharing this wonderful insightful article by Neil Stawski.

Climate change has been in the news a lot recently as people from all over the world debate its possible effects and even its existence. There has been quite a bit of confusion surrounding climate change, including what exactly it is and how it will impact the lives of millions of people over the next several years; for this reason, it’s important to learn the facts and share your knowledge with your community.

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Let Me Out – A Fall Cocktail Recipe

As temperatures drop and leaves begin to change, days of rosé and piña coladas have started to fade. Fall has finally arrived, and with it, pumpkin-flavored everything. This season, Row House, the American Eatery known for their innovative cocktail menu, introduces the Let Me Out a hipper (and much stronger) option for those seeking more than the traditional PSL.

Made with Ciroc, pumpkin, coffee, cream, and cinnamon bark, the Let Me Out has all your favorite Fall flavors in one creamy and comforting cocktail. Here is their recipe



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Simple Mutton Biryani

There is rarely a Biryani that is grander than one made with mutton. Generally – making a traditional biryani takes much time and effort like my recipe for Shakira’s Mutton Biryani which I had posted sometime ago.

This recipe is a much simpler, homier version made in my mother’s kitchen and it also absolutely delicious. Biryani is best made with pure ghee. You can substitute this recipe with chicken too in which case you need not precook the chicken as we do in this recipe.



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Luchi Aloo ( Kolkata’s version of Puri Aloo )

Luchi aloo is Kolkata’s version of Puri Aloo but it’s so much better especially if you eat it on the streets. There’s nothing like a piping hot luchi, smothered with spicy curried aloo. Here’s a great homemade version of this recipe.


YOZ_8688 YOZ_8772



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Making Khoresht-e Bademjan at Conflict Kitchen’s Virtual Iranian Cooking Lesson


Last weekend, I participated in one of the coolest cooking collaborations I have experienced. I was picked to be one of the participants from around the world in Conflict Kitchen’s virtual cooking lesson with Executive Chef Bahar Sarhangi live from Tehran.


Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 11.34.50 AM



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Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s Squash on Toast at ABC Kitchen

I recently went to lunch at one of my favourite eateries – ABC Kitchen, at one of New York City’s most beautiful stores ABC Carpet & Home.

The menu offered many seasonal dishes of which one I just could not get enough off. It was their roasted kabocha squash toast w/ fresh ricotta and apple cider vinegar”. The flavors and textures of this creation were simply divine. Thoughtfully layered with crunchy bread, salty cheese, sweet and earthy squash, topped with chili and mint – it was divinity in each bite.

I recreated this dish in my kitchen using Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s recipe and though I could not get it to taste exactly the same but it was still par excellence.




You must use good quality bread and you can use any cheese from ricotta, goat cheese – I even tried it with a herbed cream cheese and it tasted so good. I would try it with butternut squash the next time around.




This makes for a wonderful snack, appetizer or even a lunch dish!

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