Zaalouk Salad (Eggplant) at La Maison Arabe

Zaalouk is a scrumptious cooked salad made with eggplants. It is one of my favorite salad dishes in Moroccan cuisine and I was thrilled when we learned how to make it at my cooking class at La Maison Arabe in Marrakech.

Zaalouk is most delicious when eaten with warm, crispy slices bread (Khubz). Zaalouk keeps for many days in the refrigerator, tasting better as time goes by. In fact it is recommended that you make this salad a day ahead.



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Neha Ryan’s Prawn Curry

This is an outstanding shrimp curry I tried this past summer. It’s a really easy recipe and works well with the tiny shrimps. Thanks Neha for sharing!



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Aunty Pen’s Stir Fried Chili Shrimp

Here is a really simple, Thai style stir fried chili shrimp dish from Aunty Pen’s recipe.


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Eggplant Masala

I love eggplant! Here is a really yummy, tangy and quick recipe for an Indian style eggplant dish.



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Shanti’s Spicy Potatoes

Potatoes are a classic Indian comfort food. Here is the way that Shanti makes her yummy spicy potates.




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Shanti’s Rasam

Rasam is a thin, spicy southern Indian soup which is really delicious. It is really healthy, easy to make and one of those soul satisfying dishes!

 Here is Shanti’s recipe for a great rasam



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Shanti’s Mutton Thoku

 My friends Aparna and Aravind in Chennai, India have a fabulous cook who makes some amazing South Indian food. This past summer I got a peek into Shanti’s kitchen and learned some of her super recipes.


Here is a wonderful spicy mutton dish which goes really well with hot white rice.


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Nisha Aunty’s Spicy Prawn Curry

My aunt Nisha is a fabulous cook. Every summer I spend in Chennai, India, I harass her to teach me more and more of her delicious recipes. Here is a really easy and yummy prawn curry she made for me this summer.


 DSC_0512 DSC_0508

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Green Mint Chutney

I love mint chutney. You can eat it with virtually anything and it is so healthy. Here is a really yummy recipe for a really zesty chutney.


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Curried Turnips

I always get tons of turnips in my winter CSA organic box and mostly end up using them in salads. This is is a nice way of cooking them with a nice hit of Indian spices.



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