Parsley Oil

My friend Peter Paniccia spoils me silly with fresh vegetables from his organic garden. When he brings me parsley, he doesn’t bring it in bunches – he brings it in bushels!!

Here is a wonderful recipe for parsley oil from Yottam Ottolenghi, which can be used as a dip, a sauce, a condiment and pretty much goes with anything. I put it in sandwiches, roast veggies with it, use it in salads, pastas and so on.

It keeps for a few weeks in the fridge but once you start eating it – don’t expect it to last quite that long.




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Zaalouk Salad (Eggplant) at La Maison Arabe

Zaalouk is a scrumptious cooked salad made with eggplants. It is one of my favorite salad dishes in Moroccan cuisine and I was thrilled when we learned how to make it at my cooking class at La Maison Arabe in Marrakech.

Zaalouk is most delicious when eaten with warm, crispy slices bread (Khubz). Zaalouk keeps for many days in the refrigerator, tasting better as time goes by. In fact it is recommended that you make this salad a day ahead.



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Surinder’s Shortcut Indian Bolognese Sauce

Our cook Surinder, in my parent’s house in India, is fabulous! I spend all summer shadowing him to learn his recipes.

 We call him the “shortcut master” because he finds ways to grind and combine things to make his cooking easier and quicker. Most of the time these shortcuts work really well and sometimes not so much.

 Here is his version of an Indianized Bolognese sauce he makes that both my kids and husband love. ( Pl my dear Italian friends – dont scream murder!!)




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Aunty Penn’s Minced Pork Toast

I went back to visit Bangkok, a city I love, this past summer after many years.

One of my very favorite things to do in Bangkok is spend an evening in our good friend Varong’s home where his amazing Aunty Pen does a cooking demo for me (and then of course we get to eat all the wonderful food).


 Aunty Penn is an amazing cook and I have learned so many of her wonderful recipes during my visits to Thailand. Click here to see some of her earlier recipes I posted.

Here was a really quick and tasty appetizer that Aunty Penn made for us. It’s a fried minced pork toast, which is really easy to make. You can substitute the minced pork with minced chicken, beef or shrimp.

DSC_4178 DSC_4152


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Eggplant Masala

I love eggplant! Here is a really yummy, tangy and quick recipe for an Indian style eggplant dish.



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Shanti’s Spicy Potatoes

Potatoes are a classic Indian comfort food. Here is the way that Shanti makes her yummy spicy potates.




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Shanti’s Rasam

Rasam is a thin, spicy southern Indian soup which is really delicious. It is really healthy, easy to make and one of those soul satisfying dishes!

 Here is Shanti’s recipe for a great rasam



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Shanti’s Green Beans Poriyal (Stir Fried Green Beans with Shredded Coconut)


I love the freshness and vibrancy of South Indian vegetarian recipes. Poriyals are simple stir-fried vegetables made with fresh coconut. You can use any vegetables you like. Here is Shanti’s recipe for her green bean poriyal.



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Strawberry Rhubarb Sauce

Here is a really easy recipe for a tangy, tart and sweet berry sauce that can be paired with anything from ice-cream to scones or cakes and so on.






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Mutton Cutlets

Mutton cutlets are a really popular dish in India. The meat can be substituted by anything from chicken to beef. Here is a super easy recipe for yummy cutlets from my mother’s kitchen.



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