Herb Roasted Potatoes

One of the easiest ways of cooking potatoes is roasting them. All you do is slather them with some kind of flavoring, put them in an oven and voila – you have a delicious side dish to go with any meal.

I always have some kind of pesto handy in my fridge – my favorite one being a parsley pesto. You can use a store bought one or click on this link to use my recipe.

I prefer to roast the potatoes a little longer as I like them crispy but you can adjust this recipe to your taste.



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Shepherd’s Pie

This might be one of my family’s favorite dishes of comfort right now! I love this recipe I found courtesy Alton Brown and ofcourse I always add in my own little tidbits to any recipe.

In this case I just added a whole bunch of baby spinach leaves to the meat filling and it was delish!


DSC_7217 DSC_7219 

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Aloo Paratha (Potato)

I just love parathas – but then again who doesn’t.

A paratha is an Indian flat bread which can be stuffed with just about any filling. The most popular is Aloo (potato) but it can range from anything from ground meat (keema) to mixed combination of vegetables. My favorite parathas are made in my mother’s kitchen.

 I love my parathas stuffed with a combination of cauliflower and radish (Gobhi/Moolee).

 A paratha is a meal in itself. I love to eat it with homemade mango pickle and yogurt.

 Here is the recipe for the most popular “Aloo Paratha”.

DSC_0877 DSC_0896

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Shanti’s Spicy Potatoes

Potatoes are a classic Indian comfort food. Here is the way that Shanti makes her yummy spicy potates.




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Aloo Samosas ( Potato)



Samosas have got to be the perkiest snacks one can have in the Indian snacks echelon. Nothing brightens ones day as much as a hot, crispy, spicy samosa with a hot cup of tea (esp. on a rainy day).

 Traditionally samosas are made with potatoes but on can stuff them with just about any filling.

 Here is how we make samosas in my mother’s kitchen


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New Potatoes with Indian Style Spicy Sesame Dressing

Here is a spicy Indian take on potato salad. This wonderful recipe combines the earthiness of sesame with the pungent tastes of lime and mustard oil.


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Potato Curry (Aloo Curry)

Aloo puri is a classic, comfort food in Indian homes. There are a zillion different ways of making it – each home has its own version of this dish.

I love these curried potatoes that we make in my mothers kitchen which really go well with hot, light puris.

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Chicken and Vegetable Cutlets

These might be the one of the yummiest cutlets I’ve had. It is a great combination of subtlety spiced ground chicken with vegetables. This dish is a meal in itself with the perfect combination of vegetables, carbs and protien. It is a hot favorite with both the kids and adults in our house.


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There are a so many different ways to make Palda.

We always make this yogurt-gravy based dish, when serving Pahari food. Palda is one of my brother’s favorite dishes.

In my mother’s kitchen, we have two recipes for Palda – both are made with potato. There is a quick one and a cumbersome one. Both are equally delicious.

Here is the recipe for the quick Palda which uses homemade, thick cut, potato chips. Watch out for those fried potato chips – make sure you make plenty extra because in our home very few of them actually make it into the Palda. They are just too irresistible!


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Fish, Broccoli and Potato Cutlets

Here is a really easy and healthy fish recipe that the kids love. I add a few spices to this recipe to kick up the flavor a notch. These cutlets freeze really well, so make lots if you want leftovers – as they disappear fast!


Serves 6


5 fillets of any whitefish, steamed (flounder, cod etc.)

3-4 medium potatoes, boiled and cooled

1 cup of broccoli steamed and chopped fine

1/4 cup cilantro, chopped fine

1 teaspoon curry powder (optional)

1/2 teaspoon garam masala (optional)

Salt to taste

1 cup panko breadcrumbs


  • In a large bowl, combine all the above ingredients, except for the breadcrumbs.

  • Mix it all very well together and mash it with your hands till everything is very well combined.

  • Take a small amount of the fish mixture and shape it into a patty.
  • Coat the patty with panko breadcrumbs.

  • Make patties using all the fish mixture and set aside.
  • Heat 2 tablespoons of oil in a skillet.
  • Add 4-5 fish cutlets in the skillet and cook for about 2 minutes on each side or until it is browned and has a slightly crisp crust.

  • Serve warm with ketchup or mint chutney.